Naruto Pornography Story: hinata’s bashfulness

Naruto Pornography Story: hinata’s bashfulness

Hinata walk up to Naruto while he was talking to Sasuke and Sakura… Hinata naps Naruto on the shoulder…. What is it Hinata? Hinata started to blush… Can I to you alone Naruto? Sure Hinata where do you want to go and talk? Hinata grab’s Naruto arm and takes him to a place where no one will find them….When they get there… Hinata what is it? Naruto I really like you… and I like you to Hinata… She start to blush…No I mean I love you Naruto, I would like to go out with you…. Hinata if we did start going out everyone might hate you like they do me? I don’t care I just want to be with you… Naruto bend down and give’s her a kiss… Hinata start to blushes….

Hinata I’m going help you get over your shyness….Naruto moves her hair out of her face. Naruto start to unbutton her pants as she start to blush even more… As he pulls down her pants along with her panties.. Hinata stand there blushing…. Do you want me to stop Hinata? “No Naruto.” Naruto start to lift her shirt off and Hinata stands there naked blushing… As Naruto steps back to look at her… He looks at her long Dark indigo hair and her Very light lavender, with white pupils eyes, as he move’s his down to her large 36d breast’s and down her skinny stomach to her bald pussy… Hinata just stare’s at Naruto and see that he has gotten hard from looking at her… Naruto can I undress you? Sure Hinata… She unzip his orange jumpsuit… As she remove his underwear his 9 inch dick jump’s into sight… Hinata is something wrong? Naruto I’m a virgin… Lay down Hinata and I will put a smile on your face…She lay down and look’s up at Naruto…. What r your planning Naruto? I’ll show you Hinata….Naruto get’s down on his knees and spreads Hinata leg’s wide open… Hinata start to blush…. Naruto slide’s his tongue across her pussy lip’s… He start sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy… Hinata started moaning as she wrapped her legs around Naruto head… As he started sucking on her clit and sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy…Hinata was begging Naruto not to stop what he was doing….Naruto bite down on her clit and she start having her first orgasm..

Naruto sit’s back… How did you like that Hinata? Oh it was wonderful Naruto… Now what do you want to do Hinata… She bend down and start sucking on his dick… Sucking harder and faster as she deep’s throat his cock… Swirling her tongue around his cock, making it nice and wet…. She stops and spread’s her legs wide open… Naruto take’s the hint… He slide’s his dick into her pussy goes half way in and feels some resistance, he pulls out until the head of his dick is just inside of her pussy… Hinata this might hurt…. Are you sure you want me to do this? Just hold me close to you until the pain go away…Naruto hold’s her close as he slam’s his cock all the way into her… Are you ready for me to continued? Oh yes I’m ready Naruto… Naruto start fucking her nice and slow… While he was taking his time, he hear’s Hinata moaning… Oh fuck me harder Naruto… Are you sure Hinata? As he slides his cock in and out of her pussy…. Oh yes fuck me hard now bitch… Naruto starts fucking her harder, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy…. She was moaning so loud that Naruto thought someone could hear her… Hinata please quiet down someone might hear you…Shut up and keep fucking me that is all you have to worry about….As Naruto fucks her harder, he feels her pussy muscles clamp down on his cock as she has her second orgasm…. Naruto slow’s down and taking his time….Who told you to slow the fuck down? Hinata what has got into you? She smile I got what I been wanting for the last 3 years… What is that Hinata? You now go back to the way you were fucking me before….

Naruto starts fucking her as hard as he was before… Hinata wraps her leg’s around Naruto waist….Oh yes fuck me harder bitch….Naruto start fucking her harder and faster, as he sucks on her tits…While Naruto is slamming his cock in and out of her pussy…She is pulling Naruto into her harder….Hinata started having her third orgasm… When her pussy clamped down on Naruto cock he squirt his cum into her pussy….Naruto falls on top of her… Oh that was wonderful Naruto…. Now you can get off of me….After Naruto roll’s off of her… Hinata starts to get dress… Hinata I love you… She walk’s over to him…I’m glad you do Naruto, because even if you didn’t now that you fucked me…. You are mine from now on…. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY THAT HINATA? You should have checked out my clan, because once you fuck someone from my clan you are their for live… So now what Hinata? Well I’m going to go tell my father…. So get dress and go back to your team….

Hinata walk’s up to her father… Hinata why is there a glow about you? I been with the one I am going to marry…. You have then who is he? It is Naruto Uzumaki…. Did he know that by having sex with you that he is your’s for life? No father but he does now….Ok I approve, but I am going to talk to him…. Yes father….Hinata father find’s Naruto with his teammates and his sensei… Kakashi I would like to speak to Naruto alone… Go ahead Mr… Hyuuga… Let go Naruto we need to talk… Naruto gulp down some air…. When they get to a place where they r alone…. Mr…Hyuuga “So you had sex with my oldest daughter… ” Naruto “Yes Mr…Hyuuga I did if you want me to stop seeing her I will..” Mr…Hyuuga “No Naruto that’s not why I am here….” Naruto “Then why r you here?” Mr…Hyuuga “To let you know that since you had sex with her you are her’s from now on….” Naruto “But when I had sex with her I didn’t know that…”

Mr.. Hyuuga “Did you have sex with her of your own free will?” Naruto “Yes I did Mr.. Hyuuga..” Then you are her’s Naruto… Yes Mr.. Hyuuga may I go back to my team now… Mr.. Hyuuga walks away as Naruto walks up back to his team…. Hinata is with her team as she is smiling from ear to ear… Naruto I just saw Hinata and she had a big smile on her face what did you do? Nothing Sakura we just talked and that was it… You do know if you have sex with someone from the Hyuuga clan you are their’s for live… Yes I knew that Sakura…. Ok Naruto thought I would just let you know…After training was over…. Naruto was heading back to his place, when Hinata came running up to him… ” Naruto where are you going?” Back to my place Hinata why do you ask? ” I want to do what we did earlier Naruto” Hinata I don’t know I am tired from all my training. “Naruto I wasn’t asking you if you wanted to do it.” Naruto just gulp down some air…Once they get to his place, Hinata start’s to get undress… She notice Naruto was getting hard. Oh we are going have some fun. “Thought you were tired Naruto?” I am Hinata. “Your hard just like your were earlier.” Well yes seeing a naked beautiful girl would make any guy hard. ” So you think I am beautiful?” Yes I do Hinata. Hinata lay’s down and spreads her legs. Naruto get’s on his knee’s and start’s sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy. He start’s sucking on her clit as he slide two fingers in and out of her pussy. Hinata start moaning loud enough to be heard outside as she wrap’s her legs around Naruto head, during her orgasm. Then she fall’s asleep. Naruto pick Hinata up off of the floor and put’s her on the bed. Naruto lay’s down and cover’s them up as he fall’s asleep.

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