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Naruto Pornography Story: hinata’s bashfulness

Naruto Pornography Story: hinata’s bashfulness

Hinata walk up to Naruto while he was talking to Sasuke and Sakura… Hinata naps Naruto on the shoulder…. What is it Hinata? Hinata started to blush… Can I to you alone Naruto? Sure Hinata where do you want to go and talk? Hinata grab’s Naruto arm and takes him to a place where no one will find them….When they get there… Hinata what is it? Naruto I really like you… and I like you to Hinata… She start to blush…No I mean I love you Naruto, I would like to go out with you…. Hinata if we did start going out everyone might hate you like they do me? I don’t care I just want to be with you… Naruto bend down and give’s her a kiss… Hinata start to blushes….

Hinata I’m going help you get over your shyness….Naruto moves her hair out of her face. Naruto start to unbutton her pants as she start to blush even more… As he pulls down her pants along with her panties.. Hinata stand there blushing…. Do you want me to stop Hinata? “No Naruto.” Naruto start to lift her shirt off and Hinata stands there naked blushing… As Naruto steps back to look at her… He looks at her long Dark indigo hair and her Very light lavender, with white pupils eyes, as he move’s his down to her large 36d breast’s and down her skinny stomach to her bald pussy… Hinata just stare’s at Naruto and see that he has gotten hard from looking at her… Naruto can I undress you? Sure Hinata… She unzip his orange jumpsuit… As she remove his underwear his 9 inch dick jump’s into sight… Hinata is something wrong? Naruto I’m a virgin… Lay down Hinata and I will put a smile on your face…She lay down and look’s up at Naruto…. What r your planning Naruto? I’ll show you Hinata….Naruto get’s down on his knees and spreads Hinata leg’s wide open… Hinata start to blush…. Naruto slide’s his tongue across her pussy lip’s… He start sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy… Hinata started moaning as she wrapped her legs around Naruto head… As he started sucking on her clit and sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy…Hinata was begging Naruto not to stop what he was doing….Naruto bite down on her clit and she start having her first orgasm..

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Fat man fuck sexy doll Sakura

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Hentai Picture: Fat man fuck sexy doll Sakura
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