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Naruto Porno Story: Three is finer than Two

Naruto Porno Story: Three is finer than Two

We were walking down the street drunk. we had just came from a jounin celebration party. And Ino had drank 5 beers, Sakura had drank 4 beers, I only drank one beer and a Monster energy drinks basically I wasn’t drunk.

Man our parents are going to be pissed when we get home said ino.
yeah we are all drunk and they will probably kick me out of the house.
Naruto thought and said why don’t ya’ll stay at my house tonight.

Sakura and Ino looked at each other and said what else do we have to lose.
Naruto just smiled and yelled out Score!!!

When they got to naruto’s apartment they were quit disgusted. There was ramen cups spread out around the room, there was spilled ramen on the floor and the sink in the kitchen was overflowing with dirty dishes. they kind of pitied him. But they agreed to be honest.

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