[Togijiru (OhRin)] Melty Erotism (Naruto) [English]

Combats, ninja missions, and intrigues are enjoyable and all , but if you are in relationships with Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha you’re mostly interested in the romantic part then this comic parody is perfect for you… even although it’s an hentai-themed parody comic! From sweet to funny, from sweet to sexy, and from sexy to kinky – complete this thrilling adventure with your favorite anime characters couple!

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Naruho-do (part 2)

Lady Tsunade, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga- all these girls from Konoha Village are way too curly and sexy to be enough of them injust one parody comics so here comes the second part of “Naruho-do” where all the sweet babes will be even more intensely fucked and longer! A few other female characters will also join this “improvised sexual gathering” and possibly Naruto will make his debut!

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Nyota mo Shota mo Oishii Desu

Probably we have all thinked about this situation – Naruto and Sasuke are close friends and when Naruto has figured out how to perform a sexy jutsu would it actually make them even closer? And in this parody comics the answer is “yes!” because they are going to get as close as only possible since in our version these guys are both growned up enough to be interested in sex!

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[GoDLeTTeR] Mei from Naruto (with ENG version)

Red-haired Mei was rescued and brought to a village nearby. Mei was tied up by the Clan Chief, and then tortured. He tears off the girl’s clothes, and then slaps her on her big boobs. Then, he forces you to do a blowout. The dude then fists the girl with his pink pussy. Mei shouts and moans in delight. When she realizes that it’s all set up and begins screaming louder. At the end of the day, she falls into the hands of males. She is forced to drink cum, and thenlick the scum off of men. So it is for all other members of her clan.

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Giroutei \”wo\” Kan

Ino has a problem and Sakura is the only one she can ask for help. Ino is found on the street and takes her to a private place. In the end, she discloses her biggest problem: her futanari chicken from the secret Jutsu. It’s a challenge and must be milked promptly! Luckily , Sakura is a good companion and is willing to help with a great passion…

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Douyara Usuratonkachi no Kudaranai Jutsu

Naruto? This time it will be Naruko, a cute and feminine version of Naruto. You will notice that Naruko is more likely to connect with Sasuke because of one reason: no matter the type of arguments they may have, they will be able to resolve the issue by having a great, passionate sexy time! Was that the principle idea behind using a sexually sexy jutsu right from the beginning?

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Saboten Nindou 2

Black and white sex comics and within it, you’ll find a myriad of stories connected to the Naruto cartoon. These babes are busy and have various ways of achieving sexual pleasure. You’ll find one of these girls enjoying morning masturbation while she lies in bed moaning. And vice versa one needs sexual stimulation like a stallion is seen grabbing a mare’s stable repeatedly. Let’s read the comic to know more.

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Nakisuna no Yoru

It can sometimes seem like even the most skilled and experienced ninjas get tired from fighting in multiple fights. If they are given the chance to relax, you can be certain they’ll use it to the fullest extent. In this comic, the battle will end but the punishment is harsh. This will raise the question of why this man not been able to win more quickly?

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[Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)] Jungle GO (Naruto) [English] [Colorized]

Naruto will never forget the weekend he spent on a beach in summer, and that’s because of two factors that are the extremely round bodycurves Sakura and Tsunade and their tiny swimsuits! The best aspect? Naruto can now focus on the first reason! Awesome!

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Newlywed Hinatas kunoichi cosplay, dattebayo! (Naruto)

Hinata realizes that having big tits and sexy sex are not enough. In order to maintain the spark between herself and Naruto she has some interesting ideas sometimes. For example today she will play around with a bit of cosplay. She’ll dress up as a famous fighter whose attire is very provocative. What do you think of this costume for Naruto? Read the comics to find out!

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